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09 March 2013 @ 06:30 pm
     March is Question Month, on LiveJournal.  I hear your question, What is a loadus.exelator.com?  Luckily, I have researched this vitally important topic, and herewith tender My report on same. 

     When I have Java’sCRAPt, known in the rest of the world as JavaScript, turned ON, many web sites fill My browser with slowness-inducing garbage.  I have mentioned this before, but usually in passing. 
     In addition, the ISP I have available, Comcast Communications, often makes web sites difficult—or even impossible!—to reach.  It will say, for example, Looking up www.google.com, for a minute or more, before saying, Cannot locate www.google.com, it has no DNS entry.  Are you sure it is a real web site?  Yes, I am sure Google is real, and I am sure I am angry at this, too! 
     These two come together when you realize much of the Java’sCRAPt, and what it does, contacts other web sites.  Either of these is a problem.  Together, they make loading a bloated web site into a nightmare—one which I am all too happy to avoid. 

     Thus, I watch the strings of gibberish-name server-names go by, as a web page loads.  When one takes too long to complete, I note its name, then load it into the browser address bar, to see what happens.  If I get a real web site, then OK.  If I get a blank page, or a 403 forbidden, or something else not acceptable, then I add the server name to My hosts file. 
     The hosts file, found in OSX, other Unices, Wintel, and even regular PowerMacintosh OSes, tells the OS to redirect outgoing requests, to the servers in the file, to the IPs given in the file for those servers.  The IP is the computer making the request.  This has the effect of preventing software—especially malign software, folks!—from contacting the servers it wants. 

     So here it is:  One by one, the trash servers—and the problems they or Comcast cause—are eliminated, by adding them to the hosts file.  Note:  This has nothing to do with the IP firewall file!  That rejects certain IPs. 

     I check these out, because I want acceptable servers to be contacted.  There are special servers for facebook’s, and other sites’, icons.  I skip those—no Comcast trouble allowed there!  Much of the servers in My hosts file are porn spam sites.  There are more of these than one would believe! 

     Now, back to the topic:  The question, What is it?  Going to loadus.exelater.com, I am prompted to download a file.  The file, called tuba33u5.exe, appears to be a Wintel program.  It is not. 
     Putting tuba33u5.exe into a word processor, the following is seen: 
header( 'Location: http://www.exelate.com' );

     Going to that site shows it is dedicated to massive delivery of commercials.  Ads behave themselves, so are OK.  Commercials get in the way, are not OK.  So, I added loadus.exelator.com to My hosts file. 

The End :-)

     Note:  With Java’sCRAPt turned OFF, most of this does not happen!  Blissful peace, wonderful quiet!
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barbarian_rat: cigarbarbarian_rat on March 10th, 2013 12:54 pm (UTC)
Have you looked at Sonic.net instead of comcrap?
We've been very pleased with them for many years.
Great customer service and competitively priced too