Impressive LJ Stupidity

     So, I receive a private message through LJ.  No biggie, no surprise. 

     I reply to the message.  LJ says “This message cannot be sent … because the recipient has enabled the privacy options for their messages.”.  THAT is ridiculous! 

     Notice, too, the bad grammar:  Singular “the recipient” turned into plural “they”!  Sheesh!  Just how many of the recipient are there? 

     When the post-something page comes up, it asks Restore from stored version?.  I click “Yes”.  I click “Yes”.  I click “Yes”.  I click “Yes”.  I click “Yes”.  Fake button!  Useless piece of junk! 
     The thing has a close box which does work.  I tell the browser to turn off Java’sCrap, then I reload the page:  Zero interference.  I write this.  I post this.  Problem the second sorta-solved. 
Master in black

Mazda lamp prices (ca. 1936)

New prices effective May 1, 1936
Watts Old price NEW PRICE
150 clear 00.40 00.25
200 clear 00.55 00.45
300 clear 00.90 00.75
500 clear 01.55 01.40
150 clear 00.65 00.50
200 clear 00.90 00.80
300 clear 01.35 01.20
500 clear 02.30 02.15
Prices on comparable types of inside-frosted lamps and white bowl lamps have been reduced proportionately.
Three-Lite Lamp
100-200-300 01.00 00.80

     Note that twenty-five cents then is four dollars eighteen cents now!  The Electric Journal 1936, page 0254.

The Intelligent Design® Argument...

     Their argument goes like this: 

     “Look:  there are hundreds—myriads—millions, even—of extremely specialized diseases, bacteria and virii, which make life miserable, or even impossible, for humans and animals.  You mean to say you believe these amazingly specifically-crafted germs were created by a random process?  That is not reasonable.  The specificity and virulence of these diseases prove there was an intelligence behind them!” 
     “Look at this partial list:” 
Asperger’s Syndrome
Cancers—Many may of these!
Celiac disease
Degenerative Nerve Disease
Personality disorders
Reflux disease
Steven Hawking’s disease

…and zillions more…
     “And what about bed bugs, fleas, tics, mosquitoes, and those horrible things in Africa, which are like these, but worse?  Designed, every last one of them, obviously!  So there!” 

     Interesting point they make!
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What is Behind Bankster Fraud—A Comprehensive Article

     The article, titled From Marx to Goldman Sachs:  The Fictions of Fictitious Capital, is at http://michael-hudson.com/2010/07/from-marx-to-goldman-sachs-the-fictions-of-fictitious-capital1/
     Like most economics writing, this is hard going.  Plus, because of the quotes, there is old-fashioned language.  Plus, the foreign parts are translations.  The thing is worth reading, anyway! 

The important information is this: 
     “A point arrives at which bankers and investors recognize that no society’s productive powers can long support the growth of interest-bearing debt at compound rates.  Seeing that the pretense must end, they call in their loans and foreclose on the property of debtors, forcing the sale of property under crisis conditions as the financial system collapses in a convulsion of bankruptcy.” 
     Does this sound familiar, or what?  The answer is not “what?!